LEAKED AUDIO From Russian Billionaire REVEALS Vladimir Putin Is…

Could Vladimir Putin be gravely ill and or dying?

A leaked audio from an oligarch very close to the Kremlin reveals that the president is ‘very ill with blood cancer.’ We are not sure whether this is actually true, pure speculation, or perhaps disinformation with the intended goal of making an erratic and paranoid dictator vulnerable.

Not only the mainstream media but numerous Twitter diagnosticians seem to believe it, in fact, speculation of the 69-year-old Russian president’s worsening health has continued to gain traction ever since the start of the invasion of Ukraine back on February 24. That being said, however, Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, has been adamantly denying the claims, citing Putin’s “excellent” health.

Boris Karpichkov, a KGB defector to the UK (and former officer of the Second Chief Directorate, specializing in counterintelligence), has shared his thoughts that the president may have Parkinson’s disease in addition to “many” other illnesses, such as dementia.

Karpichkov told Rupert Murdoch’s Sun newspaper, equating Putin to Stalin, who had at least one stroke:

“He is — or at least acts — mad and obsessed with paranoia concepts.” 

It seems that Putin is scheduled for surgery in the near future for an unspecified form of cancer, as per a Telegram channel run by a former Russian Foreign Intelligence Service officer. In the meantime, Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of Russia’s National Security Council, fellow ex-KGB man and not to mention longtime director of one of the agency’s successor agencies, will be Putin’s temporary replacement

Patrushev also holds one of the regime’s most hardline ideologies.

Putin’s appearance and behaviors alone serve as a confirmation of his impending demise, as even during a recent televised event, he was seen having an awkward gait, fidgety behavior, and clinging to the edge of a table, perhaps in an attempt to steady himself against a tremor or vertigo.

Not to mention Putin’s noteworthy self-isolation during the pandemic, where at times he has chosen to hold meetings with foreign visitors at banquet-length tables both before and currently during the war (According to Russian independent media, everyone who wants to be close to Putin must undergo a PCR test and even offer a fecal sample.)

Since becoming the president of Russia back in 2000, Putin has sustained several injuries to his back. At one point, he had fallen off of a horse which left him incapacitated for some time, and even presently, can be seen limping. So many state news agencies have taken notice to this that the Kremlin press service has since banned them from referring to it.

There had also been another time when he had fallen at an ice hockey match in Sochi back in May 2017 after a player bumped into him. Proyekt reported that, “in at least two cases Putin underwent either an operation or a very serious procedure, most likely in the back.”

Then, beginning in 2012, Putin’s failing health began to be blamed for his extended absences from the media spotlight.

Only a few months ago, Putin was seen at a pro-war rally in Moscow, delivering an address and had been filmed walking off stage down a flight of stairs putting most of his weight on his left foot.

Most recently, while at Russia’s Victory Day celebration in Red Square, to commemorate the Soviet Union’s defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II, Putin was observed sitting with an FDR-Esque blanket draped over his lap. (The temperature in Moscow on Victory Day — May 9 — was a non-Arctic 48 degrees Fahrenheit.) His walk during the parade was visibly awkward, possibly to conceal a limp that has elsewhere been observed. And his face was even puffier than usual.

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