Listen Closely to What Senator Ted Cruz Just Said

Listen Closely to What Senator Ted Cruz Just Said

Senator Ted Cruz tore into Attorney General Merrick Garland over the politicization of the Department of Justice, as the AG refused to listen to reason in regards to the targeting of parents who have been standing up to school boards recently.

During a Judiciary Committee hearing over allegations that the Biden Department of Justice has been weaponized to target political opponents, Senator Ted Cruz ripped into Attorney General Garland, catching him in lie after lie about the DOJ’s actions.

Here is Senator Cruz’s opening statement:


“For eight years under Barack Obama, the Department of Justice was politicized and weaponized. When you came before this committee in your confirmation hearing, you promised things would be different. I asked you specifically, quote, ‘Will you commit to this committee that under your leadership, the Department of Justice will not target the political opponents of this administration?’ Here was your answer, quote, ‘absolutely. It’s totally inappropriate for the department to target any individual because of their politics or their position in a campaign.’ That was your promise just a few months ago. I’m sorry to say you have broken that promise. There is a difference between law and politics. And General Garland, you know the difference between law and politics. Law is based on facts; it is impartial; it is not used as a tool of political retribution. This memo was not law. This memo was politics. On Wednesday, September 29, the National School Board Association wrote a letter to the president asking the president to use the Department of Justice to target parents that were upset at Critical Race Theory, that were upset at mask mandates in schools, to target them as domestic terrorists. On the face of the letter, the letter was in repeated consultation with the White House, in explicit political consultation with the White House, that was on Wednesday, September 29. Five days later, on Monday, so right after the weekend, boom, you pop out a memo giving them exactly what they want. Now, by the way, I understand that, in politics, that happens all the time. An important special interest wants something, sir, yes, sir. We’re going to listen to him. Let me ask you something, General Garland. In the letter, which you told the House of Representatives was the basis for this abusive memo targeting parents, how many incidents are cited in that memo?”

Senator Cruz then went on to grill Merrick Garland over the politicization of the Department of Justice.


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