Mother Murders Babies, Then Tells the Police THIS Shocking Detail

Mental Illness is a topic that for far too long we as a society have mishandled. Today we either glorify it, as seen in the transgender movement or hush it up, as many do not seek help in fear of losing their livelihoods as we see in the case of our military and first responders. Even post-partum depression a mother faces can be a bit taboo of a subject.

Unfortunately, Mental Illness that is not properly addressed can lead to tragic results. We are witnessing this every day as the transgender movement pushes to re-educate and abuse our children with puberty blockers and over-sexualized materials. But some cases are far worse, far more tragic because the result is unimaginable for most.


Mother Goes on a Deadly Rampage

Esther Callejas, 24, is an Arizona mother of two. Last week the young mother went on a deadly rampage. She loaded her .38, which she bought two years earlier without her husband’s knowledge, and proceeded to shoot her children in close range.

Her two-year-old daughter suffered a fatal wound, but her six-year-old son was able to run away. Callejas chased him down shooting at the boy at least six different times.

Afterward, Callejas downed anti-depressants in an attempted suicide before calling her husband and telling him what she had done.

The Grisly Aftermath

Police were called to the scene at about 11:45 am, Phoenix Police Sgt. Ann Justus explained in a news briefing after the shooting. First Responders did their best by administering CPR on the children until they reached the Hospital.

The First Responders were understandably “shaken up” after witnessing such a tragic scene. “You can imagine, something nobody should have to see our officers see it again and again,” Justus said.

According to Pheonix Fox 10 news, in an interview with cops after Callejas’ arrest, she admitted to the shooting and said, “she wanted them to go to heaven.”

As of Thursday Callejas’ son was still in intensive care.

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