New Report: Biden’s Economy Burns to the Ground, All Hell is Breaking Loose Across the Nation

The economy isn’t “strong” or in “recovery” as the increasingly deluded or dishonest Biden-Harris regime contends. Rather, the US is mired in what economists have termed “The Great Resignation”. And this phenomenon has only increased in speed and impact. In April, single month resignations shattered the record books, in July even more employees bailed. And in August an absolutely devastating 4.3 million Americans gave their notice (some didn’t even do that) and walked off the job. As pandemic relief checks rolled in, child tax credits have been advanced, evictions have been kept under moratorium and student loans have been forgiven there is far less pressure now for unwilling multitudes to work anything less than their “dream job”, which for some means not working at all.

While Derek Thompson puts a more optimistic spin on the situation for The Atlantic, he still notes that,

“For the far smaller number of employers and bosses—who in pre-pandemic times were much more comfortable—this economy must feel like leaping from the frying pan of economic chaos, only to land in the fires of Manager Hell. Job openings are sky-high. Many positions are going unfilled for months. Meanwhile, supply chains are breaking down because of a hydra of bottlenecks. Running a company requires people and parts. With people quitting and parts missing, it must kinda suck to be a boss right now.  (Oh, well!)”

Thompson likes to cheekily point out how great for workers all of this is and expressing a lack of sympathy for business owners and leadership, going so far as to add “(Oh, well!)”, but he might be missing something…

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He points out that a major motivator of “The Great Resignation” could be ‘how rude’ Americans have become post-COVID lockdown. But Americans are just being rude, as a nation, we are angrier than ever, there is a fury building in our people that threatens to explode at any moment, but like so many in the mainstream leftist media, that just doesn’t seem to click.

As the Biden Economy Burns Down, An Explosion Seems Inevitable

Millions of Americans were paid an additional $300 a month just to stay home on unemployment for months and received government-subsidized checks for doing NOTHING. Many are standing by waiting for Biden and the Democrat-Socialists to restart the money presses and every day that passes without the government mailing more checks only makes them angrier. Combine this with runaway inflation, vaccine mandates for employment and a Damocles sword of oncoming evictions, and they’ve primed an explosive that can go off at any second.

As The Western Journal‘s Kipp Jones noted,

“These people made cash beyond their wildest dreams for more than a year — all for doing nothing.

Now that there are job openings everywhere, many of those who have chosen to return to work without a doubt believe they can simply quit without feeling the squeeze. If they were smart, they would have saved their money from government checks. Why would they grill burgers or stock shelves if they have cash and everywhere around them is hiring?”

The Democrat-Socialists (And even President Trump at first) gave people a taste of free money and for many a standard of living, they have never been able to achieve. The vast majority weren’t saving this free money for a rainy day either… they were making it rain. (Just ask Now that their temporary bonanza is coming to a close, it seems that unless Biden’s radicals can ram through a $3.5 Trillion leftist spending spree, the tap is going to run dry. All the while the Biden administration expects these people to just go back to work? No, they’ve created a monster of entitlement.

The economy might be the least of their worries, Antifa and BLM are already very angry at Biden. They really did ‘Let them eat cake’ and unless something can be done to stop this trajectory, to make people remember the value of WORKING for their livelihood, the Dems are likely to see a far worse reception than the French gave Marie Antoinette and Jan. 6th might not be the last time we see a guillotine on the Capital Mall.

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