Police Left POWERLESS to Stop…

Boston sidewalks are now an area of questionable safety for the average citizen. This is as drug use and homelessness rise. Evidence of this is clearest around the city government’s harm reduction facility in South Boston, which exists to make drug use safe. But the location has devolved into a lawless safe haven for addicts. Here they are free to inject dangerous drugs in plain sight of the city’s police force. A police force that is unable to stop it.

Outside Access, Harm Reduction, Overdose Prevention, and Education (AHOPE) is where the city’s drug users congregate. The government incentives the harmful behavior because addicts are allowed to pick up free drug paraphernalia such as syringes and crack pipes. All of which are funded by Joe Biden’s administration.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that their own employees saw several users inject in front of the building. Even though an officer sat inside a parked police car only feet away.

Bits and pieces of pipes, syringes, and drugs now fill in the cracks in the sidewalk. Security guards at a next-door homeless shelter spoke with reporters claiming that police monitor the area to counter violence which they claim erupts daily between addicts but otherwise overlook public drug use.

The disorder outside AHOPE provides a case study of how the Biden administration’s controversial harm reduction approach to drug policies can actually encourage crime and dangerous drug abuse.

The Department of Health and Human Services launched the nation’s first federal harm reduction program in May of 2022. Originally doling out $30 million in grants to organizations so that they can distribute drug paraphernalia such as syringes and “smoking kits.” The kits often include crack pipes.

According to a Free Beacon investigation the White House claimed these funds would not go toward pipes, but several grant recipients distribute the drug supplies.

Aside from clean pipes and syringes, harm reduction groups such as AHOPE also distribute fentanyl test strips, Narcan, and disease testing. Supposedly, these are distributed with the intention to mitigate the health risks of drug abuse. However, security guards claim that outside the Boston harm reduction facility roughly a dozen drug users each day are rushed to the Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment after they show signs of an overdose.

One drug user said addicts naturally migrate there because of the free drug paraphernalia. The area is a formalized injection site, which is illegal under federal law. The Biden administration is preparing to declare such injection sites legal,  according to the New York Times reported in July, which would allow people to use drugs with oversight from medical professionals to help prevent overdose deaths.

The Trump administration struck down an attempt to open an injection site in Philadelphia, but that decision is set to be overturned by the Justice Department. Injection sites currently operate in New York City and other large cities like Boston.



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