Pool Owners FURIOUS, Shortage Surfaces Weeks Before Summer Schedule

Pool Owners FURIOUS, Shortage Surfaces Weeks Before Summer Schedule

With summer just around the corner and some states loosening their COVID restrictions, people are excited to finally get out to their local pool to go swimming. Unfortunately, that dream is about to be crushed.

Due to a nationwide chlorine shortage, local pools may not even be able to open on time this year.

As many Americans were forced to stay home for the past year thanks to authoritarian government lockdowns implemented by the mini-dictators in Democrat-run states, the installation of backyard pools has skyrocketed. Of course, this led to a higher demand for chlorine.

Surprisingly, there are only three chlorine manufacturers in the United States. According to news outlet WAFB 9, one of these manufacturers, BioLab, “caught on fire in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura, and it’s not expected to be back in operation until 2022.”

Experts believe that this problem is only going to get worse, predicting that chlorine prices could increase by as much as 70%. In today’s economy, that could be devastating. People are out of work because Democrat dictators refuse to allow businesses to open, and many people are just refusing to work because Democrats have increased unemployment to the point where its more financially beneficial to stay home. Inflation is getting worse by the minute thanks to Democrat spending in the legislature and more proposed spending by Joe Biden, and the price of gas is through the roof. An increase in the price of chlorine is just what we need to continue the cycle of economic destruction that can only be blamed on one group: the left. Now, just when we are beginning to look forward to a semi-normal summer, we find out we might not even be able to go to the pool.

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