Senator Rogers Drops AZ Bombshell

Despite the long wait, the merciless campaign of agitprop and misinformation, Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers (R) is continuing to advise Republicans not only in her state but nationwide that results to the Arizona State Senate Audit of Maricopa County are coming and that all fifty states MUST enact similar audits in order to restore electoral integrity to our country. Both Rogers and now Attorney General Mark Brnovich are dropping bombshells on audit critics and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

Bombshell: It’s Time For a National Audit in All Fifty States

The Arizona State Audit of the 2020 Election must go national. And the electoral results, if they are found to be flawed must be decertified. The rallying cry is going up across the country.


AZ Senator Rogers took to Twitter,

“When the Arizona audit drops, it is on the other 49 states to make sure they are doing audits. Start calling your reps and senators now,” she expressed on Twitter. “…We are not going to stop until we know the truth.”

The former A-10 Thunderbolt pilot also assured supporters in other states that she would lend her support to their efforts.

“If you are pushing for forensic audits in your state, tag your election officials and tag me in your tweets and I will try to retweet you to give you some firepower.”

AZ Attorney General: Maricopa County MUST Comply Or Face Consequences

Along with Rogers’ encouragement for other states to do likewise and conduct a full forensic audit has come what should be the final word in the Senate’s ongoing dispute with the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has issued a notification that under A.R.S. § 41-194.01 the MCBOS is in violation of Arizona State Law and therefore,

“If MCBOS fails to resolve the violation within 30 days, the AGO, in accordance with state law, will notify the Arizona Treasurer to withhold state revenue from Maricopa County until MCBOS complies.”

The AG’s statement explained that when Brnovich’s office requested information regarding the Supervisors’ they responded in a statement which “failed to explain why it is not required to comply with the legislative subpoena. Its only response was that the Arizona Senate is not currently in session, so MCBOS could not be held in contempt.” Basically telling Arizona’s Chief prosecutor that the reason they weren’t complying with the Senate’s subpoenas is that the Senate can’t enforce them… luckily they don’t have to, that’s Mark Brnovich’s job. It seems that someone at the MCBOS missed that day in Civics class.

Between Sen. Rogers and AG Brnovich, the pieces should begin moving soon, and following the stalwart example of Senate President Fann and her team other states can begin an audit on a national scale soon.

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