The REAL Reason Border Patrol Entered The Uvalde School…

At this point, many have read about or watched the news regarding the reason why Border Patrol agents pushed to enter the Uvalde school was to save numerous lives and execute the shooter. This news story has been highlighted many times over in the recent past.

But did you know there’s actually a lot more to the story than you were led to believe?

It comes as no surprise that mainstream media and publications failed to report the actual “REAL REASON” why the Border Patrol agents followed through on their actions.

Sure, part of it was to save lives and kill the shooter, however another big reason was due to “mounting frustration,” as reported by NBC reporter Ken Dilanian.

The report shared that local police actually wanted the agents to wait even longer before entering the school while the shooter continued to take lives. Obviously as a result, the agents were beyond frustrated with how the local police were handling the situation, or lack there of.

It’s a blessing they chose to defy the order and enter the school anyways.

Here’s what NBC’s Ken said:

“New: Border Patrol tactical agents who breached the classroom and killed the shooter acted on their own initiative after mounting frustration, sources tell @JuliaEAinsley”

And here’s more confirmation about this story, again from NBC:

“Fed agents were instructed by local law enforcement *not to go into the school after the TX gunman. After approx 30 minutes, the feds went against that guidance and led the takedown of the shooter, 2 sources tell”

Wayne Dupree commented further on local Uvalde police’s poor response:

This latest disturbing news adds to the already growing mountain of evidence against the local Uvalde police that shows how poorly they handled this mass shooting.

You can’t help but wonder how many lives could they could have saved if they would have followed their own “mass shooting protocol” and training?

Americans deserve answers, and those poor, grieving families deserve justice.


Source: WayneDupree


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