Boris Johnson Betrays Trump

Urban Dictionary defines a simp as “someone who does way too much for a person they like”. Ladies and gentlemen meet the Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson. Mr. Johnson is (on paper) the leader of the UK Conservative Party, which it turns out is not all that “conservative” by American standards any longer, particularly when he betrays us.

Long gone are the bygone days of President Reagan and the “Iron Lady” PM Margaret Thatcher steering the West in lockstep to victory over the Soviets. No, now we have the leader of the UK in a simpering, pandering effort to flatter the Biden-Harris regime dutifully shouting their praises and seeking the type of globalist sycophancy that progressive-socialists love. As opposed to the strength and individual, national independence that President Trump tried to encourage with former PM Theresa May and current PM Boris Johnson to achieve through BREXIT.

So-Called ‘Conservative’ (Not By Our Standards)

Bonchie of Redstate writes,

“During that time, there was one man who stuck his neck out for Johnson, though. Then President Donald Trump offered to make up trade shortfalls and steadfastly gave public support for the completion of Brexit. He did that despite it angering other European allies while giving the U.S. no real benefit. Further, the UK is currently giving vaccinations with a vaccine developed under Trump.

Well, apparently Johnson has a weird way of showing his appreciation. He decided to slap at Trump and fluff Joe Biden while at the Munich Security Conference, which is basically just a gathering of freeloaders that love to take advantage of the United States.”

The Prime Minister said,

“The gloom has been overdone, and we’re turning a corner and the countries we call the West are drawing together and combining their formidable strength and expertise once again.”  “As you’ve seen and heard earlier, America is unreservedly back as the leader of the free world and that is a fantastic thing,” Johnson told the Munich Security Conference, referring to a speech Biden gave earlier in the day.

During that particular speech Biden cast aside President Trump’s ‘America First’ policy which placed him at odds with the leftist-globalist dominated EU and said “I am sending a clear message to the world, America is back. The transatlantic alliance is back and we are not looking backward. We are looking forward together,” According to The Hill. A sentiment that the British PM seemed sickeningly all too eager to parrot dutifully.

Johnson Shamefully Betrays 75 Million Americans

Many Americans eagerly looked forward to working with the UK as equal allies in the world once again, each working tirelessly for our own best interests and together when those intersected, but clearly Johnson and his Westminster Tories seem more satisfied to play a backseat role to America, China and Russia as we spiral into a deadly contest he and Biden are ill equipped to handle.

It seems that under the immense pressure of a renewed Irish Border crisis due to a badly bungled BREXIT, the Conservatives of the UK have lost their courage, and most importantly lost their steadfast ally against EU bullying in the Trump Administration. Now they’ve chosen to bend the knee out of fear. Exhausted by COVID, pressured by the EU, threatened by increasing tension with Ireland, Johnson and his Government’s wills have been broken. He even looks a bit more haggard than normal (which is saying something).

It’s a pity, 75 million Americans would much rather see the British flag wave triumphantly beside Old Glory as in the days of our grandfathers, but it is a sight we will never see until British conservatives find the courage to stand up again.

We understand that you’re afraid and that’s why you did this. It’s just sad.

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  1. Very good reporting as I did not see that yet and have respect for all parties. I can only imagine he looked in the box and had three options either jump on the media bandwagon and put up with that harassment whatever he said or get in line for the USA $ or the last way do nothing and lose causelessly. So I can only hope that he is the one who delegates where the USA Money$ will be spent and can call Trump up who I know still takes his call and says here was the art of the deal. You know this is all opinionated conversation even when the name is signed on the paper they still ask (what Paper)? Good Reoerting Matt!

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