They Threw Bleach On A Cop In The Line Of Duty, And They Immediately Regretted It…

While in the midst of breaking up a fight, a Baltimore city school police officer was doused with bleach.

The officer had been attempting to break up a fight when the 18-year-old student tossed bleach in his eyes.

A spokeswoman confirmed the incident which occurred at Reginald F. Lewis/Achievement Academy/Success Academy.

Both the officer and hall monitor were taken to a nearby hospital and later released. Thankfully, both parties are expected to recover from the incident.

Baltimore City Public Schools spokeswoman Edie House-Foster said in a statement:

“The bleach also splattered in the eyes of a hall monitor and on the clothes of a student,” she said. “A paramedic team treated the officer and hall monitor on the scene; the student did not require treatment.”

“Both the officer and hall monitor were subsequently transported to hospital, where they received further treatment and were released,” she said in the statement. “Both are expected to recover fully.”

Sgt. Clyde Boatwright, president of the city school police union, stated that the officer will require additional medical attention for his injuries.

The spokesperson confirmed that the police officer in question was a popular persona in the area.

“He’s an experienced, highly decorated officer who is almost a legend in the Northeast Baltimore community,” Boatwright said. “He is known to almost anybody who went to middle school or high school in that area because he’s so well-liked.”

Now the student who tossed the bleach is expected to be charged as an adult, with three counts of first-degree assault as well as reckless endangerment.

‘AWM’ reported additional details:

Online readers of the Baltimore Sun were shocked by the random attack and believe the student needs help in addition to punishment.

“She is horrible. The ones she threw the bleach on could have been blinded. Hopefully, they will be okay. It sounds like this was premeditated, and she meant to do harm to someone. She needs to be prosecuted as an adult with the max they can give her. She also needs therapy while locked up to hopefully get rid of the ugly she carries. She could hurt so many people. This is terrible,” one reader commented on Facebook.

“Sad that kids aren’t being taught that all actions have consequences. This child knew this was wrong and extremely dangerous. She needs to face the consequences of her actions,” another wrote.

The school is still trying to determine a motive for the bleach attack, but it’s possible that it had something to do with the fact that the police officer was breaking up a fight. As of now, though, nothing has been confirmed, and the school is continuing its investigation into what led to this deplorable act. In the meantime, the cop is recovering from his injuries, and it’s possible that he could return to the school at some point in the near future.

“We need him back,” Boatwright said. “Baltimore needs him.”

Source: AWM


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