Donald J Trump Releases Bombshell Statement

Trump-backed Candidate SPILLED the BEANS on Trump…

Did Trump cost Tim Michels the gubernatorial election in Wisconsin?

I can tell you this… if I were Michels, I would be livid right now.

Michels was expecting Trump to campaign for him in the state, but Trump told him it was not needed.

Sold Me Out

Michels was in a close race, so it was only natural for Michels to assume that Trump would have been back after the primary rally to give him a boost.

Michels explained, “He said, ‘I’m not going to come in.

“You’ve got this thing.

“I’ve seen all the numbers. It looks really strong, congratulations.'”

Michels lost by three points.

Here is my thinking on this…

Michels did not exactly tout the Trump endorsement during the gubernatorial election.

I think that perturbed Trump that he was seemingly distancing himself from Trump after the primary was over.

Michels is not directly blaming Trump for the loss, stating, “I take full responsibility for the loss,” this clearly got under his skin.

Just add him to the stack of key failed endorsements by Trump in battleground states.

The reason really does not matter at this point… he lost.

Source: Fox News

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