AG Orders DOJ to Take on Partisan Democrat Agenda

The DOJ of the Biden-Harris regime, led by frustrated Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland is poised to launch a series of pogroms in the name of combatting “hate crimes”. Garland has ordered a 30-day review in a recent department wide meme writing that the “recent rise in hate crimes and hate incidents, particularly the disturbing trend in reports of violence against members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community since the start of the pandemic, requires renewed energy,” The Attorney General wrote,

“We must recommit ourselves to this urgent task and ensure that the department makes the best and most effective use of its resources to combat hate,”

This action by Garland mirrors the 60-day “stand down” enacted by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III ostensibly to purge “white supremacy and extremism” from the military.


DOJ Instructs Police To Consider Civil Penalties When They Cannot Charge A ‘Hate Crime’

The most terrifying portion of this memo was downplayed by the mainstream media . It sounds a lot like Scottish Youtuber-Comedian Mark Meechan aka Count Dankula being fined by UK authorities for “grossly offensive content” for teaching his wife’s pug to Nazi salute as a joke.

The Hill reports,

“It (Garland’s memo) also instructs the department to weigh using civil rather than criminal penalties to go after incidents of bias that  may not meet the technical definition of a hate crime. Hate crime laws require prosecutors to prove a violent incident was spurred by someone’s perceived race, religion or a number of other protected classes.

In a call last week with reporters, a Justice Department official said federal law often excludes actions that can still cause disruption and fear in a community, like screaming a slur.”

The AG Cites Data that is Assumption Driven- On Purpose

The AG’s memo orders an “examination” of the federal government’s ability to track “hate incidents “as well as how the DOJ can increase reporting requirements from local jurisdictions on the assumption that current reporting is inadequate. Garland’s memo goes on to lament that in some states only 5% of police departments reported any hate crimes in 2020.

This is an example of how data viewed through a politicized lens changes, depending on your assumptions. A large group of lawmakers and civil rights groups have criticized this as “under-reporting” because the fits their narrative needs. In order to justify their re-election or even organizational existence: there must be an epidemic of rampant hate crime in America. And of course since the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Hate Crime Statistics is a voluntary reporting system they assume that law enforcement agencies simply aren’t using it.

  • If you assume that law enforcement agencies are by and large: honorable, dutiful, efficiently operated and honest in their reporting, then the figure of only 5% of jurisdictions reporting a hate crime is extremely positive and indicates a healthy, post-racial culture (like the one my generation thought we grew up in).
  • If you assume as leftists and mainstream media do that law enforcement are by varying degrees: lazy, incompetent, arrogant or bear racist and malicious intent then the only possible conclusion is that the number of ‘hate crimes’ committed is vastly underreported.

Police Chief magazine reported on the discrepancy between the FBI’s UCR Stats and a study done by the DOJ’s Bureau of Justice Statistics which comes from the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) which attests that only 1/3 of US ‘hate crimes’ are reported. However, this is citing a public poll of a “representative sample” of 90,000 American households and includes crimes not reported to the police.

Again, it all comes down to your assumptions. Today it is safe to assume that the Biden-Harris regime has no intention of truly fighting crimes of any variety with this most recent authoritarian push. Rather, they are molding the DOJ into a weapon they can wield to enforce the ‘woke’ doctrine as the nebulous definition of a ‘hate crime’ can be molded to fit their whims. Speaking out against BLM or Antifa, the imposition of transgenderism on our schools or public accommodations, outcry against Islamist extremism, abortion or any number of conservative opinions easily fit the left’s loose definition of a “Hate incident” if not a “Hate Crime”. Now they’ll be going after both.


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