BLM Leaders Use Donations to Fund Their New Costly Mansion

After more than a week of criticism as well as reporting on the details from media electrical outlets nationwide, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) issued an apology and defense for their costly mansion purchase on Monday.

In an article on Twitter, the organization excused its choice to make the acquisition and also guaranteed to “do far better” in its future decision-making.

“Despite past efforts, BLMGNF recognizes that there is more work to do to increase transparency and ensure transitions in leadership are clear,” the statement begins.

“We know narratives like this cause harm to organizers doing brilliant work across the country, and these reports do not reflect the totality of the movement,” it continues. “We apologize for the distress this has caused to our supporters and those who work in service of Black liberation daily.”

The group goes on to state that they are “redoubling our efforts to provide clarity about BLMGNF’s work.” They noted that in “the coming weeks, we will unveil new initiatives to increase transparency and accountability, and to continue reshaping what radical philanthropy looks like for Black people.”

The team noted that the acquisition of the residence was component of its effort to urge creativity in Black people, something they specify was essential to the “survival” of their race.

They shared a link to an article that announced the “Black Joy Creators”  Fellowship and also Creator House from News One. The short article brings an editor’s note mentioning the publication was “unaware of the concerns” surrounding the home and they were not aware the “property was already in possession.”

BLMGNF also utilized the Twitter string to share some details on the use of funds that have elevated concern as well as dispute. They stated that they had actually given away more than $3 million to COVID-related needs and about $25 million to various Black organizations. They shared different other information as well as tasks, consisting of purchasing an UPLIFT concert for Black History Month.

Additionally, the team details its advocacy work around cops violence as well as public safety. They made use of the moment also to state their support for the hyper-partisan investigations into the events of the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.

They concluded the thread by stating the group was “embracing this moment as an opportunity for accountability, healing, truth-telling, and transparency. We understand the necessity of working intentionally to rebuild trust so we can continue forging a new path that sustains Black people for generations.”

According to a New York Magazine report released last week, BLMGNF bought a $6 million manor in Los Angeles with benefactor funds in October 2020. BLM took actions to keep the purchase a secret.

Last Wednesday, Patrisse Cullors, BLMGNF’s co-founder, reacted to concerns over the purchase, describing the objection as”racist and sexist” in a post on her personal Instagram.

Cullors called the New York Magazine article “a despicable abuse of a platform that’s intended to provide truthful information to the public.”

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