BOOM: Sig Sauer is Expanding [Details]

In 2021 when you see a headline with words like ‘BOOM: Sig Sauer” your first guess is probably an explosion at a weapons plant, but no! This is actually a silver lining to the massive civil unrest and uncertainty our nation is embroiled in. Yes, as we inch ever closer to the left and right in America coming to blows, while the Biden-Harris regime seeks to re-entrench America into the Middle-Eastern Forever-Wars and even courts World War III with China, the arms industry is BOOMING.

The New Hampshire arms manufacturer is now investing millions of dollars and adding jobs to their ammunition plant in Jacksonville according to And it isn’t a moment too soon if you take a look at their ordering page, Sig ammo is a bit hard to come by, the site showed all variants of the manufacturer’s ammunition SOLD OUT.

According to,

“The expansion, coming after an unprecedented nationwide ammo shortage now dragging into its second year, comes as the company is investing millions in “The Natural State.” As reported by local media, Sig has shifted its shipping and storage operations for its ammunition plant to 53,000 square feet of nearby office space to free up floor space for more manufacturing space at its existing facility. In all, the company is investing over $12 million in the expansion and hired both new operators and supervisors for the plant’s staff of 220.

Daryl Hanna, chief strategy officer for Sig Sauer, told the Arkansas Democrat the plant will be adding an in-house primer-making facility while new high-speed horizontal cold forming equipment to produce pistol brass, along with machining and laser inspection machinery, will double the production of pistol-caliber ammunition. To help flesh out the line, Sig is looking to hire more than 40 new workers at the plant. “

More Arkansas Growth Under The GOP With Sig Sauer

The Jacksonville facility which opened to much fanfare in 2016 had Gov. Asa Hutchinson and Congressman French Hill, (R-AR) on hand for a massive expansion in 2019. The expansion of the plant was a major campaign plank for Hutchinson who said then “The first call I made as governor was to SIG Sauer President and CEO Ron Cohen, and I am delighted that we were able to work together and make Arkansas the choice for this expansion,” Now that very same facility is expanding again, adding forty new jobs growing from a 50 employee plant at the opening to now approximately 200.

According to Arkansas Money & Politics, “To aid with the plant expansion, SIG Sauer received several tax incentives. The company obtained funds from the Governor’s Quick Action Closing Fund, the Advantage Arkansas income tax credit, and the Tax Back incentive.”s In spite of and perhaps as an effect of the COVID19 panic and the growing unrest in our nation at least some good will come: forty families will have better lives soon then they had before.



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