GOP Makes Their Coordinated Move Against Anti-Semitic Democrat Rep Omar Ilhan

In a move to mirror Democrat efforts to oust freshman Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, House Republicans have raised the issue of removing Congresswoman Ihan Omar (D-MI) from the House Foreign Affairs Panel due to her repeated Anti-Semitic remarks and multiple instances of disparaging our ally Israel. The effort is being spearheaded by Republican Representative Brian Babin,

The Hill reports,


“Babin, who was among the group of GOP lawmakers who voted in favor of challenging certain Biden electors even after the violent pro-Trump riot at the Capitol, tweeted Tuesday evening that he planned on offering an amendment to remove Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee in an apparent protest to calls to remove Greene’s committee assignments.

“If the Democrat Majority wants to go down this road, they should start by dealing with their own members who have been at this before and AFTER their election to Congress,” Babin wrote, attaching screenshots of a list of past statements made by Omar.”

With respect to the Democrats’ efforts to oust Greene, Babin said,

“For literally centuries, the majority in the House – whether that be Republican or Democrat – has always allowed the minority to choose from their ranks who will sit on as many committee seats as they are allotted for that Congress,” Babin said. “The action put forth by this resolution would shatter that precedent, and even many Democrats are rightly concerned about doing so.  If they aren’t speaking out, it’s only because they fear retribution and punishment by the Speaker and her allies.”

Omar Responds “Whataboutism”

Omar has responded by labeling the exposition of her and the Democratic party’s hypocrisy as “Whataboutism” “rooted in misogyny, islamophobia and racism”  accusing Greene and other Trump supporting Republicans as being “bigoted conspiracy theorists, violent insurrectionists and fascist cult followers of Trump”.

The vote on stripping Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene passed on party lines. And as well intentioned as this effort from Republican House members, they are likely to be fruitless as long as the House remains in Nancy Pelosi’s hands. The precedent broken the House of Representatives now stands as a monument to the Democratic Party’s hypocrisy and acceptance of antisemitism.

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