Things Take a Very Dark Turn for BLM as the Organization Begins to Crumble from Within

Things just took a dark and suspicious turn for the BLM forces of evil as exposure to the light made their predatory propaganda dissolve, causing the whole organization to crumble from within. “It’s all a facade,” reveals the mother of Tamir Rice. Samaria’s 12-year-old son “was killed by a White police officer in Cleveland.” That happened back in 2014. On Saturday, Rice told the New York Post that the Black Lives Matter organization is nothing but a scam. They hijacked her daughter’s memory and used it to buy mansions.

BLM Incorporated

Black Lives Matter isn’t a socialist reform movement at all. In fact, BLM is nothing but another greedy capitalist corporation trying to cash in and get rich by exploiting repressed Americans of color. Families of the children killed by police officers, who were tying to do their best to preserve law and order, are speaking out about the way the tragedies are being used by unscrupulous activists for profit.

The leaders are hauling in fat stacks at the expense of each and every martyr-du jour who comes along. Take Patrisse Cullors and her “lavish lifestyle” for example.


Samaria Rice reached out to Patrisse Cullors for some help to re-open “a federal investigation into her son’s death.” All the help she ever saw was a couple of e-mails.

She never even got a chance to meet the Black Lives Matter executive director in person. BLM leaders, she scolds, “are benefiting off the blood of our loved ones, and they won’t even talk to us.” Cullors resigned in disgrace and went into hiding.

In only five short years of exploiting Blacks and keeping them on the plantation in the name of Social Justice, Patrisse Cullors managed to buy four separate homes totaling $3.2 million in value. She seems to think that her BLM is the new and improved Bureau of Land Management too.

Hawk Newsome, famous as the head of Black Lives Matter Greater New York City, is furious. Her antics are making him look bad, and now auditors are crawling up his butt with a microscope too, even though he runs a separate Black Lives Matterâ„¢ franchise.

An ‘independent’ investigation

Newsome is doing his best to get in front of the controversy and get in some damage control. To show that there is at least some ethical responsibility in the BLM organization’s administrative umbrella, he called for an “independent investigation” into the national organization’s finances.

Cullors claims she didn’t quit because she was caught, she wants to focus on “her second book and a television deal with Warner Bros.”

Lisa Simpson, the mother of deceased 18-year old Richard Risher, is outraged by the book and TV deals. “Now she doesn’t have to show her accountability.

She can just take the money and run.” Los Angeles resident Risher was fatally shot in 2016 by police. Other mothers of BLM martyrs are accusing the the organization of profiting off their “dead loved ones.”

Back in March, Rice and Simpson had teamed up to condemn Black Lives Matter for “monopolizing and capitalizing our fight for justice. We never hired them to be the representatives in the fight for justice for our loved ones murdered by police.”

The mom of Breonna Taylor weighed in too. “I have never personally dealt with BLM Louisville and personally have found them to be fraud,” Tamika Palmer posted in social media.


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