BREAKING: Police Officer And 2 Women Fatally Shot, Other Injuries Reported

Another police officer is dead. Two innocent women are lying next to him in the morgue while another Clayton County, Georgia cop and a 12-year-old child were seriously injured. What started as your basic, run-of-the-mill nightly drive-by ended in a shootout along Jervis Court. This time, the criminal didn’t get away clean, because his targets knew how to shoot back.

Police only for show

An entire generation has been taught that police officers fall somewhere near the bottom of the food chain, between enemies and practice targets. They’re also shown, time and again, that even violent crimes won’t usually have any consequences.

We have reached the point in America where any little disagreement is an excuse to start blasting. It wouldn’t be happening every single day somewhere in the U.S., if it wasn’t for intentional progressive programming.


What happened on the evening of November 30, around 8:40 p.m. is only another example of the way society has broken down since law and order went out of fashion. The 911 calls came in Tuesday night of a commonplace “domestic disturbance.”

That’s what Clayton County Police Department called the “report of a drive-by shooting in the 3600-block of Jervis Court.” Someone else called to let them know about “a female lying motionless in the yard.” A third caller clued them in that “a juvenile male had been shot at a separate location.”

By the time the call about the boy came in, police officers “were on the scene rendering aid to the female victim lying in the yard.” That’s when they were ambushed.

While searching for the wounded juvenile, “they suddenly came under fire from an unknown direction.” That quickly escalated the situation into a gun battle.

Officers returned fire

According to police, “officers spotted the gunman running near a residence and returned fire. The suspect then shot at them again, hitting and killing CCCPD Field Training Officer Henry Laxson.”

That’s about when Officer Alex Chandler was shot in the hand. The killer was also shot dead. After the lead stopped flying, officers determined that the victim stretched out on the grass didn’t make it.

Police “also found a second deceased female victim nearby.” That’s when they discovered the “gunman had also shot a 12-year-old boy in the face.” He was rushed to the hospital and is “listed in critical-but-stable condition.”

Despite his horrific injuries, this upstanding young man “actually helped officers by leading them to the location where one of the female victims was located.”

CCPD Chief Kevin Roberts held a press conference Wednesday morning where he praised his team. “These men and women do an honorable job every day, and it’s unfortunate that we have to make these reports time and time again.” This is the final outcome of those “critical race theory” classroom guidelines. “My heart aches for every police officer and their family that goes through these types of things. These things just shouldn’t happen.” They do. Only because the progressive New World Order open borders globalists in charge prefer anarchy.

The only solution is for citizens to arm themselves and band together for safety and self-defense. Where is “that masked man?” Even back in the thrilling days of yesteryear, the Lone Ranger was an equal opportunity employer, with 100% of his workforce Native American. Tell me again, conservatives say, that all of today’s racial division isn’t manufactured for intentional reasons.

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