Kayleigh McEnany Just Released Some Amazing News!

A huge announcement was just made by former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Fox News.

Apparently McEnany and her husband, New York Mets pitcher Sean Gilmartin, are now expecting their second child together. The couple already have one child together, named Blake, who was born November 2019.

Presently working as an on-air contributor for Fox News, McEnany is described as a conservative political analyst who previously served as the Trump administration’s 33rd White House press secretary during April 2020 up until January 2021.

The beginning of a career in media for her was as a producer for Mike Huckabee on Fox News, after which she became a CNN contributor.

Here’s her recent tweet on the exciting news:

“My husband, @GilmartinSean, and I are THRILLED to announce that I am almost 4 months pregnant with our second child, making Baby Blake a big sister. God has given us another incredible blessing! Thank you to @FoxNews @OutnumberedFNC for allowing me to share this wonderful news!”

And on the Fox News show “Outnumbered,” she also shared the good news:

“My husband and I are about four months pregnant… we will reveal the gender in the coming weeks…what a blessing, we prayed a lot about this. And God just blessed us with a child,” she said.

“A second child to join baby Blake, my daughter. I can’t reveal the gender but I do know and we are going to reveal it here. We will do a gender reveal here on Outnumbered,” she added.

Not long ago did McEnany hit headlines after tearing into Joe Biden, criticizing his “alarming” behavior, which she said was “weird to watch.”

“It’s always an unnamed anonymous White House official that cleans up the blunder. Look, these gaffes are alarming. They’re weird to watch,” McEnany said.

“They’re disconcerting when it’s the president. But when it’s in the context of foreign policy, Harris, it takes on an entirely different set of alarms, thinking that you could set off an enemy, a foe, or a world power. And in this case with this Taiwan remark, who is it that cleaned it up? The White House official declined to be unnamed. In the case of suggesting regime change in Russia, who is it that cleaned it up? The official line was within minutes, a White House official was telling reporters it was not the case. And Harris, it’s not just these two. When he was in Warsaw, remember what he said about chemical weapons?” she asked.

McEnany added:

“If Putin uses chemical weapons, he said ‘it will trigger a response in kind,’ somehow suggesting the United States would use chemical weapons. Troops in Ukraine, he told the 82nd Airborne, you’re going to see when you’re there. And then the ‘minor incursion’ remark that Jen Psaki must have been dictating the cleanup statement in her office. I mean, the list goes on. This is foreign policy, you can provoke enemies.”

Watch the video report here: FoxNews/Video

Source: Conservativebrief


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