Man BEHEADS Young Boy in Front of His Mother

In Medina, 6-year-old Zakariya Bader al-Jabir was brutally beheaded with a piece of broken glass in front of his screaming mother. 

Reports describe how a Taxi driver repeatedly stabbed the boy in the neck until he was beheaded while his mother witnessed in horror. 

Apparently the mother and child were on their way to visit the shrine of Prophet Muhammad before the brutal murder took place. 

Shia Rights Watch, a Washington-based advocacy group, said the incident was “a result of ongoing violations against and lack of protection of the Shia population by Saudi authorities.”

Despite attempts from the mother and a nearby police officer to stop the driver from attacking the boy, he was too strong and overpowered them both. 

Now, the mother, Sajid Hussain has reached out on Twitter to let others know what happened and seek justice for her son. 

Hussain even made the statement “smallest coffins are the heaviest” when describing her situation. 

And numerous Twitter users are backing her, expressing their sympathy and anger at the circumstances. 

At this time, both the taxi driver’s identity as well as whether this man was taken in for questioning remain unknown. 

Shia Rights Watch believe that the attack was a pure act of “sectarian violence.” 

The group asserts that this murder is the result of a violation and poor lack of protection by the authorities towards the general public.


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