Pro America First Candidate Announces Run in Battleground State

Pro America First Candidate Announces Run in Battleground State

America First candidates are taking over the Republican Party one-by-one. Thanks to Donald Trump‘s movement, true conservatives have announced their candidacies for the next election in record numbers.

Basing her campaign off of the ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda, Representative Vicky Hartzler has launched a bid for the Senate.

“President Trump backed his words with action. That’s what Missourians expect and that’s been my mission every day,” said Hartzler.


The America First candidate announced her campaign on June 10, becoming the latest Republican to join the primary field in Missouri to replace retiring Republican Senator Roy Blunt in the 2022 midterms.

“This morning I officially announced I am running for the U.S. Senate. We are engaged in a winner-take-all contest for the heart, the soul, and the future of America. I am the candidate for Senate whom you can trust to fight for you — and win!” Hartzler tweeted.

Hartzler has held her position in the House of Representatives since 2011, and has not been shy about criticizing Joe Biden’s spending proposals. She also agrees with President Trump’s criticisms of Democrats‘ openly socialist agenda.

Speaking about Democrats, the America First candidate stated: “They are endangering our security, bankrupting our nation, killing our jobs, fueling inflation, harming our children, defunding our police, shredding our freedoms and rewriting our history. They are destroying the country you and I love, and they must be stopped.”

Many other America First candidates have announced their campaigns for the midterm election, each of them vying for President Trump’s endorsement in their races, hoping his support will help them win.

GOP voters seem excited to see true conservatives running for office, with many hoping that this new movement will push out the RINOs and establishment Republicans that have failed to take the actions that are necessary to keep America from falling to the left’s push towards socialism.

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