Lying Cheating Democrat Says ‘Ive Accomplished What I Wanted’

It seems that Fox News is attempting to resurrect their shattered image with conservatives by ridding themselves of the worst democrat socialist influencers they’ve kept on staff. Emerald Robinson of Newsmax reported that Donna Brazile, former DNC Chair and overall progressive nightmare is out along with Melissa Francis, Jedediah Bila, Bill Sammon and Chris Stirewalt. Following her disgraceful display in 2016 sharing debate questions with Hillary Clinton, Brazile’s comeuppance has been long…long overdue.

Even though CNN dropped her like a hot potato, the career poltico found new homes subsequently at ABC and then Fox, in later days she called her actions a “mistake I will forever regret.”.

According to The Hill, the disgrace Democrat operator turned Fox contributor is leaving for the bluer pastures of ABC.


They wrote,

“When my contract expired, they offered me an additional 2-4 years,” Brazile told the outlet. “But I decided to return to ABC.”

The Democratic strategist added that “all is good” with her and Fox, noting that she was allowed to make multiple appearances on ABC’s “This Week” over the past two years.”

The New York Times’ Michael Grynbaum tweeted that Brazile told him “Fox never censored my views in any way,” but “I’ve accomplished what I wanted at Fox News.” According to him Fox was apparently seeking to keep her despite shuffling Juan Williams from his post with ‘The Five’ as well.

Fox Sees The Writing On The Wall — Their Audience Are Rejecting Democrat Voices

Despite the serious shakeup at Fox following the 2020 Election they handled so terribly, it would seem that someone in upper management has read the writing on the wall and is making a desperate attempt to ‘right’ the ship. (See what I did there… I’ll see myself out)

Fox has been ‘out-foxed’  Editorial Note: STOP IT MATT!)

for months now by more conservative news outlets like Newsmax, OANN, TheBlaze, The DailyWire, Daily Caller among others with ratings in a free-fall almost as badly as CNN and MSNBC, who’ve taken the loss of their favorite target pretty badly. Fox News took a serious hit losing 40% of daytime viewership. It remains to be seen if the ailing network will seek to add more America First voices to their line-up.

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