Swing Low Sweet Throat Punch, Fight Breaks Out Mid-Sermon

The Christmas season is about peace on earth and goodwill towards man. Most church-going folks remember the true reason for the season: The birth and eventual death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But some do not share in such sentiments as one man proved mid-sermon the day after Christmas.

The Olivet Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee is making headlines as TMZ shares a video of a fight breaking out during the sermon. The recording shows one man approaching another sitting in the front row, within seconds fists are up and hands are swinging.

The man sitting instantly reacts in defense. The fight progresses as the two figures go off-screen. Many in the congregation can be seen getting out. of their seats to break up the fight.

The Mid-Sermon Fighters

Bishop Kevin Adams knows his congregation well and in the video can be heard calling from the pulpit to break up the fight. “Stop it, Marcus. Marcus, come on,” is what the Church’s Livestream shows the Bishop says.

In an interview Bishop Adams explains the situation as best he can. He claims the man in the white T-shirt had recently gotten out of rehab and attacked the Youth Pastor of the church. The youth pastor is the “Marcus,” whom the Bishop calls out to during the fight.

The Bishop implied in his interview that the man in the white shirt may have relapsed. The offender claimed not to know where he was after the congregation was able to calm him down. But, the Bishop says the man broke down in tears and is going back to rehab with the Church’s support.

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