The Election Audit That You Probably Haven’t Heard About

With everyone’s attention focused on the Arizona election audit, most people had no idea that New Hampshire was quietly conducting one too. Now that their results are out, everyone is furious because what the team found is alarming. The magic vote tally transformation they discovered involves using just the “right machine.”

Election rigging revealed

In Windham, New Hampshire, results of an election integrity audit “show voting machines consistently under-counting Republican vote tallies.” That is clearly ballot box rigging and somebody should face consequences for it.

The State Committee Member for Belknap County’s GOP, Dr. David Strang M.D., viewed the final audit report on Sunday and was “stunned with the results.”

New Hampshire “has a huge problem on its hands,” Dr. Strang believes. “The totals from the Windham machines cannot be replicated. Only the hand recounts are reliable.” The election results tilt is clearly in favor of Democrats.

As uncovered by the audit, “the machines are shorting Republicans in Windham at a consistent rate while Democrat results are barely impacted by the machines.” They had a really sneaky way of doing it.

The outcome of an election, Strang maintains, “shouldn’t depend on your supporters inserting their ballots into the ‘right’ machine, but rather, any machine, as they should all count ballots the same.”

Voters agree wholeheartedly. In Windham, on November 3, 2020, One particular machine was subtly changing the votes from red to blue. The audit numbers prove the illegal fraud in black and white, which is what concerned citizens have been saying all along.

Cannot be trusted

These machines, Strang declares, “are not accurate.” They illegally, intentionally, and consistently “shorted Republican candidates and cannot be trusted to accurately count our votes.” Four machines were in use to tally the ballots during the hotly contested 2020 election.

What the audit uncovered was that “when ballots were fed through all four machines this past week, one machine (Machine #2) reliably and repeatedly shorted each of the 4 Republican candidates roughly the same amount.” That indicates the controversial “fractional” ballot counting feature was in use. Republican candidate Lynn was shorted 55 votes, McMahon lost 54 and Soti and Griffin had 53 votes each stolen by that one single modified machine. The other three counted the ballots properly.

After the audit counting was over, the numbers compared to what was produced in last year’s election indicate that these “audit-repeated machine counts are also different from those machine-generated counts on Nov. 3rd by 281 votes (Lynn), 274 (Soti), 276 (McMahon), and 279 votes (Griffin).

Again, that is fully consistent with the “fractional” algorithm in use. That creates “suspicions that other towns in the state have their own version of ‘machine two,’ so this does not appear to be a Windham-only problem.”

The good news is that the hand election recounts are consistent, which is a good thing because “the hand recount totals from Nov. 12th are likely to be the only accurate tally.”

The next step is for the Windham audit team “to review a statewide Federal race (US Senate) and a statewide non-Federal race (Governor).” That will happen this week. Even so, “the city believes it already has ample evidence that the voting machines are NOT reliable, and it is time for NH to say goodbye to machine-generated counting.”


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