This Win Just Sent Shockwaves Through the Democrat Party

This Win Just Sent Shockwaves Through the Democrat Party

A recent announcement has sent shockwaves through the Democrat Party as they are beginning to feel the consequences of their actions.

The left’s disastrous border policies have finally come back to haunt them as a Republican has just won a runoff election in a longtime Democrat stronghold.

For the first time in a very long time, McAllen, Texas will have a Republican mayor. McCallen is a major border city in Texas whose population is approximately 85% Hispanic. The city is also part of a county that has voted for Democrat presidential candidates by wide margins for decades.

A Republican city commissioner, Javier Villalobos, won the run-off mayoral election on June 5 by only 206 votes, beating fellow city commissioner Veronica Vela Whitacre. Villalobos will succeed Democrat Jim Darling as mayor of McAllen.

“It was a tight one, so I congratulate my opponent,” the new mayor said about the race. “It was a very well run campaign. But we’re very glad and fortunate that we prevailed.”

The results of this election show that the momentum Republicans have gained in southern Texas is not slowing down.

The Blaze reports: “In the 2020 election, former President Donald Trump made significant inroads with voters along the U.S.-Mexico border, which indicated that south Texas voters are souring on Democratic policies and Democratic politicians who assume their support.”

McAllen is located in Hidalgo County, where Hillary Clinton won by more than 40% in 2016. This drastic shift in just a few years shows how much voters in the area dislike the new radical policies proposed by the Democrat Party.

Democrat Representative Henry Cuellar, who represents a district on the border with Mexico, admitted in an interview with the Texas Tribune that the Hispanic population of southern Texas aligns closer with Donald Trump than with the radical left.

“Aside from Hispanic heritage, most of the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas have similar demographics to Trump’s strongholds in rural communities across the country,” Cuellar told the news outlet. “It’s homogenous, deeply religious, pensively patriotic, socially conservative, and it’s hurting economically.”

It is obvious to most people who analyze the situation that the drastic shift in support is because of illegal immigration. Even the former Democrat mayor had to admit it, saying in an interview with USA Today that McAllen received the “brunt” of the surge in illegal immigration because of its location.

Democrats are now sounding the alarm about their potential future losses in Texas.

“Democrats have a big problem in Texas,” Democrat Rep. Filemon Vela said in January. “For the first time in generations, or maybe ever, we lost … South Texas counties with significant Hispanic populations. And we are going to have to … wrap our arms around exactly why that happened. It may be a difficult issue to reconcile.”

Villalobos seems to agree with her assessment. During an interview on Fox News, the new mayor spoke about his surprising victory.

“Well, during the past election, it’s amazing what happened here in South Texas,” Villalobos said. “I think genuinely the Hispanic community is very conservative, yet, traditionally, they voted Democrat. It’s amazing what happened this past election. I think our numbers as far as conservative voters were up by substantially. We finally, finally, have competition in South Texas. So I think it’s an open up the doors for a lot of people.”

“Down in south Texas, it’s a little bit different,” he added later in the interview. “Like I said, traditionally Democrat, however, they are, a lot of individuals, including older individuals that have forever voted Democrat are opening up their eyes, accepting different ideas, both social and economic. And that’s amazing. We will have some, I always tell everybody, competition is good. It has been traditional Democrats of South Texas have been ignored a lot of the times, it won’t happen anymore. We expect next election, that we will have the same type of results. We have candidates now running for Congress, when a lot of times it was very difficult to field a candidate down here, especially local elections, I think things are going to be changing.”

The left has been claiming for years that it is close to flipping Texas blue, but it seems that their own policies have destroyed the chances of that happening.


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