Woke Culture

Woke Culture is Ruining Women’s Safe Spaces

A U.K. Charity that runs support groups for sexually abused women has put woke culture above the safety of women they claim to help. A Rape survivor, called “Sarah” for her safety, has come out with her experiences within the support group that has now allowed a Transgender “woman” within their ranks.

“She was over six feet tall, had a deep voice, wore casual trousers and a sweatshirt, and had no obvious female attributes,” Sarah said in an interview with the Daily Mail. “I’ve no idea why she was there. My paranoid side makes me think they were there for voyeuristic reasons. My rational side thinks they were probably there because they need help.”

Woke Culture Ruins Everything

Sarah was forced to leave the support group when she voiced her discomfort around the new transgender member. She claimed that the biological women attending these group meetings had a far easier time openly sharing and bond over shared experiences. Having been abused at the hands of men it was hard to open up in front of someone who had been born to the male gender.

“Some women had been abused as children so obviously we had that shared experience of being a girl and abused by a man,” she recollected. “We talked a lot about male entitlement, about how men feel entitled to women’s bodies. Quite often we just said how we didn’t trust men and it felt like a safe space to say that.”

But everything changed when the support group included the trans individual. “It felt like the priority of the group was not to talk about male entitlement anymore or our shared experiences, but about making sure this person who was born male felt comfortable,” she alleged. “No matter how much a man says they’re a woman, they’re still born male.”

A Cry For Help

Women all over the western world are now being marginalized as the woke culture of ideologies has declared that men make better women than biological women. The feminist movement, which has done more harm than good for women for generations, has even taken the side of anatomical males who wish to dress like women than the actual women they claim to support.

Women who have been abused by men in any way will not feel safe in a room with an obvious male presence. They need their own spaces to freely express themselves without fear of discomfort.

The same should be given to transgendered people who are openly seeking help through support groups and psychiatrists. Groups should be formed with other transgendered persons so that they can freely share and connect with those who have similar struggles. Studies on transgenderism, before it became discriminatory, proved that many who claim transgender status have faced some kind of sexual abuse in their past. The brain in its need to protect itself then disassociates with what it perceives as the cause of the abuse: i.e. the victim’s body.

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