Circle Back Girl Jen Decides to Not Circle Back at All

Jen Psaki has been around that track and so its not just going to happen like that, because she isn’t any circle back girl, definitely not a circle back girl… Mainly when she refuses to circle back.

During the March 2nd White House daily briefing, Press Secretary Psaki called on Owen Jensen of the EWTN Global Catholic Network, and fielded his questions on the Equality Act, which supposedly “extends civil rights protections on the basis of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation,” according to Mediaite. But in fact creates multiple moral and ethical discrepancies for medical professionals among others to fall afoul of in a transparent move to appease the Democrats’ hyper-“woke” base.

No ‘Circle Back’ For You!

Psaki refused to actually answer his questions and instead insisted upon  repeatedly spouting Biden’s talking points. Which Biden had already made very clear on twitter.

Owen asked,

“There’s pro-life groups, right now, who are very concerned about the phrase ‘pregnancy discrimination’ in the Equality Act — you’re familiar with that, I’m sure — that it would force doctors perform abortions even if it violates their conscience,” Jensen said. “There are also concerns the bill would force doctors to perform gender transition surgeries and sterilizations, again, even if the violates their conscience.”

“What does the President — President Biden — say about those concerns?” Jensen asked.

“The President has been a longtime supporter of Roe v. Wade. It has been his consistent belief that should be law, and he will fight to continue to protect that as being law,” Psaki replied.

“So conscience concerns is not a concern of his?” Owens asked.

“I think, again, I’m just going to state what the President’s policies are,” Psaki said, adding dismissively,  “Did you have another question?”

Owen attempted to shift tack and question Psaki about the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division of the Department Health and Human Services to no avail. Psaki refused to ‘circle back’ or even offer to.

“I do. Will President Biden keep the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division at HHS — the office that was put in place under President Trump — but keep it in place to receive conscience complaints from those doctors?” Owens asked.

“You’ll have to talk to a future Secretary Becerra, once he is confirmed,” Psaki responded tactlessly, brushing aside two very serious questions regarding the Biden-Harris regime’s Social-Justice agenda.

All Psaki managed to show is that the concerns of millions of Catholics and Christians are completely irrelevant to Biden’s administration. And that she apparently ‘Ain’t No Circle Back Girl’ at all.

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