Graphic Video Surfaces Within Democrat Blue District

In San Diego a 71-year-old driver ran off the road in a traffic tunnel on Monday. In an ordinary city this would be a fender bender, maybe a ticket and a shaken-up phone call to the insurance agency. But this is California, in Blue District San Diego, the sidewalks there aren’t just sidewalks. The driver plowed into a homeless encampment which hugged the walls of the tunnel and covered the sidewalk. Tragically three people were killed and six others were injured, Two were in critical condition.

WKYT reports,

“Craig Voss, 71, was heading through a tunnel underneath a community college campus when he drove his Volvo station wagon up on the sidewalk shortly after 9 a.m., San Diego Police Chief David Nisleit.

Voss was arrested at the scene. He faces three counts of vehicular manslaughter, five counts of causing great bodily harm and a felony DUI, Nisleit said, adding that Voss did a field sobriety test by a drug recognition expert. He did not elaborate or identify whether Voss was under the influence of alcohol or other substance. He said additional charges may be coming.”

Today, a man is in jail, three are dead, six hospitalized all because in California, the homeless problem has reached epidemic proportions and leftist-socialist rule rather than solving the problem by creating opportunities through reduced regulation of business and lower taxes which have proven to breed jobs and increase living standards, and enforcing public vagrancy laws, they went hard into the opposite direction.

A Problem Democrat District Leaders Continue To Ignore

California’s business regulations and environmental ordinances are extreme and punishing, the corporate and individual taxes are devastating to businesses of all sizes and especially onerous to the self-employed. The solution from the leftist-socialist techno-kleptocracy is to offer more and more free services and relax law enforcement more and more, allowing public vagrancy, allowing public drug use, urination and defecation.

San Diego is represented in by two members of Congress, Representatives Sara Jacobs (D-CA) in district 53 known for calling for a “Truth Commission” following the Trump Presidency and the Jan. 6th Capitol Breach and Scott Peters (D-CA) in district 52 former President of the San Diego City Council. Both Congressmen seem far more concerned with punishing their Republican colleagues and prosecuting the Trump administration than addressing a growing tragedy in their own districts which San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria said doesn’t have to be.

Mayor Gloria said, that most of the nine hit if not all were homeless. There are over 150,000 homeless in California, a number that is only growing.

“They were there because they felt like they had nowhere else to go,” Gloria said. “This crash this morning did not have to be so devastating. Let me state it very clearly, a street is not a home.”

WKYT wrote,

“The mayor, who took office in December, said the encampment had been there awhile. More people Monday might have gone to the short tunnel under the San Diego City College campus because the cement bridge provided cover on a rainy day.

Gloria said the city needs to act now to address its homeless problem, and it was starting by offering shelter Monday to the other homeless people who were in the tunnel and escaped injury. A handful accepted. The city also sent mental health professionals to help.

“We want to make sure that they did not die in vain,” Gloria said of those who were killed.

“It’s not humane or safe to keep allowing our unsheltered neighbors to sleep under bridges, in alleys or in canyons,” he said.”

Gloria added  that the city is facing a critical shortage of beds at its shelters. The mayor also pledged to talk to state and federal officials to request more help, calling the current situation “not acceptable.”

The 71 year old driver exited his car and immediately rendered aid to the people he struck before identifying himself to the police “He was cooperative, (and) did not try to run away,” the chief said, correcting earlier reports that indicated he fled. This was a terrible accident, one that didn’t need to happen. Three are dead, Six are injured, two critically and a man must now fight for his freedom… and live with his guilt that he intentionally or not took three lives.

But sure Congresswoman Jacobs, let us know how that “Truth Commission” goes, and Peters as former President of the City Council should be ashamed that in his new role he has failed to act on a problem he knew FAR BETTER than any other Congressman. Both need to pay far greater service to the District that elected them.

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