List of Republican Governors Who are Falling in Line With Biden’s Plan

Be it out of some form of collective guilt for the rash and inexplicably mishandled withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan or an obtuse effort to curry favor with the Biden-Harris regime is unknown at this point, but a growing list of ostensibly Republican Governors have broken with the majority of their party grassroots and are falling in line with Biden’s massive refugee resettlement operation. The quietly maneuvered undertaking is set to bring at a minimum 95,000 hurriedly vetted Afghans to the United States over the next 12 months. Needless to say, the blowback from the Republicans in each state is intense.

None would rationally question bringing over fleeing Christians or those who worked alongside our troops honorably for two decades, but there is one simple, inescapable problem: The American people cannot possibly trust the Federal Government of the Biden-Harris regime to competently vet out the terrorists from the refugees.  An administration that has proven its brutal incapacity to protect the American and Afghan people alike simply cannot be relied upon to perform such delicate work, and while it is an unfortunate situation, these refugees should be sequestered at humane holding facilities while a lengthy, painstaking process of background checking and security checks can be carried out. But that’s something that the far-leftists simply cannot countenance. The only holding facilities that they want are for Americans against vaccine mandates.

According to Breitbart,


“Last week, the Biden administration announced that the first group of roughly 36,000 Afghans brought to the U.S. at rapid speed will be resettled across 46 states — including Texas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.”

Those Who Caved And Are Falling In Line

The Republican governors who have so far jumped in with Biden’s include some names that you might not expect, and others that you regrettably already saw coming (We’re looking at you Ducey & Kemp) but every single one of them is disappointing to see on this list doing what the establishment Republicans keep doing: cleaning up the Democrats’ mess for them at the expense of the American people.

  • South Carolina’s Henry McMaster
  • Maryland’s Larry Hogan
  • Massachusetts’ Charlie Baker
  • Utah’s Spencer Cox
  • Georgia’s Brian Kemp
  • Arkansas’ Asa Hutchinson
  • Arizona’s Doug Ducey
  • Iowa’s Kim Reynolds
  • Oklahoma’s Kevin Stitts
  • Vermont’s Phil Scott
  • Alabama’s Kay Ivey
  • Idaho’s Brad Little
  • Indiana’s Eric Holcomb
  • Montana’s Greg Gianforte
  • Nebraska’s Pete Ricketts
  • New Hampshire’s Chris Sununu
  • Ohio’s Mike DeWine
  • Tennessee’s Bill Lee

Those Who Stand and Will Not Comply

Then because of course, they would (and thank God), there are the few, the precious few Republican Governors who refuse to subject their citizens to the slipshod vetting process of the Department of Homeland Security under Alejandro Mayorkas.

  • Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota, Seriously if you expected anyone else to be at the top of this list then you haven’t been paying attention.
    • Noem told KSFY-TV, “We do not want them coming here unless we know they are an ally and a friend, and that they don’t want to destroy this country.”
  • Governor Mark Gordon of Wyoming
    • Gov. Mark Gordon “has no interest” in accepting Afghan refugees into Wyoming, his spokesman told Cowboy State Daily.
    • “Our office has not been contacted by any federal or international officials about bringing in Afghan refugees and the governor has no interest in accepting refugees,” spokesman Michael Pearlman said. ” Please note that Wyoming currently does not have a state-administered refugee resettlement program.”
  • Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia, Governor Justice has made no comment regarding refugee resettlement. Democrat Delegate Kayla Young wrote the White House inquiring as to why no refugees have been sent to the mountain state and copied Gov. Jim Justice, however, neither have responded as of this writing.

It’s truly a shame that so many Republicans have allowed the Biden-Harris regime so much control over their states as to not resist the resettlement orders that could very well place the lives of their citizens at risk, in the unsure and unsteady hands of Joe Biden’s administration. After all, in the chaos of the second most botched evacuation in American military history, how easy would it have been for a member or group of the Taliban to sneak onto one of those planes? Or someone from Al Qaeda? Or ISIS-K? Do we really trust this government to sort these terrorists out?

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