New Poll Reveals The Only News Outlet A Majority Of Americans Trust

Shock Poll Shows There is Only One News Outlet a Majority Of Americans Trust

ICYMI – While it’s obvious that Americans are deeply divided over which media outlets are trustworthy, this poll reveals that only one news source has earned the trust of a majority of Americans: the Weather Channel.

A slim majority (52 percent) of Americans trust the Weather Channel, which is the one network pollsters included that almost never discusses political issues, according to a YouGov poll released.

No other outlet even came close in YouGov’s survey of American news consumers — but one network polarized the American people along partisan lines more than any other: CNN.

The Daily Wire reports:

In all, 66% of Democrats trust the 42-year-old cable news network, which transformed into an open, inveterate foe of President Donald Trump and the Republican Party under the leadership of former CNN President Jeffrey Zucker. Only 11% of Republicans say they believe CNN’s reporting, creating a gaping 55-point gap in viewer trust between the parties.

A similar discrepancy occurs with CNN’s closest rival, MSNBC, which is deemed reliable by 52% of Democrats and only 9% of Republicans.

One thing was not shocking at all: Democrats were generally much more likely to believe media reports than Republicans, with a majority of Democrats stating that they trusted virtually every news outlet, except those that are right-of-center.

On the other hand, a majority of Republicans only trust two networks: the Weather Channel (50 percent) and Fox News (53 percent).

The Daily Wire report continues:

The poll, which surveyed 1,500 Americans between March 26 and March 29, shows how disenfranchised conservatives are in the modern U.S. media landscape. More Republicans (23%) trust one of the foreign networks on the survey, the BBC, than believe the reporting of taxpayer-funded outlets like the Public Broadcasting System (20%) or National Public Radio (15%).

Democrats tell YouGov they are most likely to look for information from broadcast TV news networks, like the Big Three networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) and from cable news outlets. Republicans say they sought out the facts from cable news, then broadcast news, social media, and conservative news websites.

The poll seems to show a rightward tilt from U.S. citizens as a whole. Americans overall were more than twice as likely to say they get their news primarily from “conservative news websites” than from “liberal or progressive news websites” (12% vs. 5%, respectively).

The division of media networks has led to Americans doubting a significant amount of the “news” they view, especially conservatives who see that the mainstream media is biased in favor of the Democrats (and against them).

The distrust of the corporate media in the U.S. continues to increase, with very few viewers saying that they have trust in journalism. Only 16% of Americans — including a startlingly low 6% of Republicans — believe TV news broadcasts, according to a Gallup poll from July of 2021.


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