Republicans Poised to Trounce, New Stats Reveal Heavy Losses for Dems

The 2020 Census which led to several battles between President Trump and Congressional Democrats ended with Stats showing exactly the outcome that Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn’t want. It’s been more than a year but the decennial reckoning of the American population is complete and because the number of Congressmen and women was frozen at 435 by the Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929 one state’s gain is ALWAYS another state’s loss.

The Democrats Just Took Some Losses, The Stats Say BIGLY

Alright, pour yourself your favorite beverage and kick back, the results you’re about to see are absolutely….hilarious. Try to hold in your laughter.

The following states each lost a seat in Congress for 2022:

California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.


The following states each gained a seat in Congress for 2022:

  • Colorado- The swelling population near Denver tipped the scales for Colorado and given that they gave us Rep. Lauren Boebert in 2020 we can’t help but be a little excited about their pick-up of another seat in the House. That brings Colorado to Eight seats, and depending on redistricting could even the odds, as it sits the centennial state has Three Republicans and Four Democrats.
  • Florida– The Sunshine state add one seat with their 2.7 million person increase in population. That’ll lift their congressional delegation to twenty-eight and their electoral college votes to thirty, lending more political weight to the adopted home of President Trump. Redistricting could increase the Republican majority in Florida’s delegation.
  • Montana- Double your pleasure, double your fun. That’s the statement that Montana makes in 2021. (I’ll see myself out…) Montana had been knocked down to One Congressman since 1990’s census but they’ve clawed one back this time.
  • North Carolina- The First in flight state of North Carolina picked up one Congressman to bring them to fourteen in their delegation with the largest population growth surrounding Charlotte and Raleigh (shocker).
  • Oregon- According to Oregon is a bit of an odd duck very fitting with the motto of “keep Portland weird”, the wrote “Oregon is getting a new congressional seat for the first time in 40 years, going from five House members to six. Although Democrats control state government, they have agreed to give up their advantage in redrawing the state’s political districts for the next 10 years in exchange for a commitment from Republicans to stop blocking bills.” So this arrangement with the Democrat majority in the State legislature could yield unexpected fruit for Oregon Republicans still reeling from six months of Antifa and BLM rioting.

And the ONLY state to gain TWO seats in Congress for 2022:

TEXAS – Texas gained two seats with 4 million new Texans it will now have thirty-eight seats second only to California.

Because of course it would be Texas. And that just makes it even sweeter.

What do the Stats Say?

Interactive infographics from shows the radical extent of the Great Migration from liberal states to the more proseperous and free more conservative ones.

Very quickly you can see that multiple Democrat strongholds saw reduced growth, notably by region: the Northeast and Midwest both saw reduced growth while the South and West saw 10.2% growth and 9.2% respectively. The biggest losses of population were in Mississippi, Illinois, West Virginia and Puerto Rico. While the greatest growth was in Idaho and Utah.

And there it is. The thing of beauty, the apportionment that could end Nancy Pelosi’s grip on the House of Representatives gavel. All of this will make 2022 an absolutely fascinating election cycle. And who said stats were boring….

There are currently 5 vacancies due to deaths and resignations  218 Democrats and 212 Republicans in the House. With 218 neccessary for a Majority, the Democrats cannot afford the 7 seats they’re likely to lose to redistricting alone. Considered alongside the 47 other “vulnerable” seats the National Republican Congressional Committee has identified, this all spells a very, very bad time for the Democrat-Socialists. The trouble is, that a cornered animal that knows it has run out of time…. is far, far more vicious.



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