We Need to Be Talking About the Violence Across the Nation Brought on By Democrats and the Main Stream Media

While the left and mainstream media conspire and combine to deliver a fantastically contrived performance of “national shame” complete with openly weeping Capitol Police officials and members of Congress (many of whom are demonstrably leftist activists) the conversation that they’re desperately avoiding still needs to be had. And outlets like The Root insist that “We Need to Talk About Violence in the White Community (Seriously, We Do)” and that the ultimate cause of the lax security of Jan. 6th in spite of the Trump WhiteHouse offering the National Guard days prior was “They couldn’t believe white people would do it.” (Forget It, I’m NOT linking to it. Google is a thing, look it up.) What we REALLY, ACTUALLY need to discuss are two things: 1.) The Violence Across the Nation Brought on By Democrats and the Main Stream Media (The BLM and Antifa Riots ring a bell?) and 2.) The fact everything that happened on Jan. 6th was EXACTLY what the left wanted. THAT’S why the National Guard was not deployed in advance.

The National Police Association asked the extremely apt question:

Where are the hearings @kevinomccarthy@SpeakerPelosi on the 574 BLM riots that injured over 2000 police officers”


ALL Of The 2020 Violence: Perhaps it’s time we talk about it.

It has been very well documented that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats completely rejected all calls from the GOP in Congress to not merely launch an investigation into the Jan. 6th Capitol riot, but to expand the scope to include the entirety of all BLM rioting across six months in 140+ cities nationwide that cost the lives of at least 25 Americans, injuring hundreds more and caused over $2 Billion in damages.

“If you’re going to have a commission, you should look at the whole broad spectrum,” Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) told reporters in the Capitol, shortly after Pelosi spoke. “We just went through a whole summer of riots throughout this city. We should grasp that, as well.”

What were the Democrats so afraid that such a broadened Congressional inquiry into ALL of the political violence that embroiled 2020 would reveal? Oh well, there’s this one thing: Most concerning was the ongoing collusion between prominent members of the Democratic party with Organizations like the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation and dozens and dozens of pro-leftist legal funds and organizations (Kamala Harris’ campaign included) who would continually bail violent rioters out of jail and cover their legal defense costs.

Add into that equation the hundreds of instances of local DA’s and even State AG’s who just straight refused to prosecute BLM and Antifa rioters and arsonists (we’re looking at you Oregon and Missouri), they instead choose to reward these groups with massive settlements and consideration from City Governments, and when those cities wouldn’t go far enough, BLM leaders threatened “All Hell Is Gonna Break Loose” In Cities, “Don’t Be Surprised”.

So where did the impetus for January 6th come from? Like it’s such a mystery? Maybe it came from watching leftist organizations get away with far more destructive riots and “mostly peaceful protests” lighting 140 cities on fire and causing billions in damages for over six months with near ABSOLUTE IMPUGNITY.

It isn’t about race, it isn’t about the color of one’s skin: it’s about the ultimate privilege of all and it isn’t White Privilege, it’s Leftist Privilege.

The Justification They Needed

As Saul Alinksy taught, you never let a good crisis go to waste, and in that spirit, the events of January 6th gave the Biden-Harris regime all the justification they could dream of to carry out a punitive, hyper-partisan congressional inquisition, to target voting rights for a massive federal government take over, to strip law-abiding Americans of our Second Amendment rights all under the self-righteous guise of “National Security”.

As Alice Green wrote for The Punching bag Post,

“I believe that Nancy Pelosi WANTED violence at the Capitol. That is why there was no increase in security there. She wanted an uncontrolled mob to blame on President Trump. It didn’t matter that the crowd was peaceful; it was a case of (per Hearst), “You furnish the pictures, I’ll furnish the war.”

The minimal violence that did occur at the Capitol was way overblown by the media and exacerbated by Antifa infiltrators. This was the plan all along. January 6th represents the latest example in a string of cynical abuses of power by Pelosi. In this case, it caused the deaths of five Americans. “

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