Democrat Breaks From Party, Rejects Biden

Senator Joe Manchin, described as an “influential centrist Democrat,” broke ranks with the radically progressive party to tell Imperial Leader Joe Biden where he can stick his infrastructure scheme. The increase in the corporate tax rate, he insists, “needs to be changed.”

Democrat defectors in the Senate

Karmically, the left side of the aisle has developed the same problem with turncoats that the GOP has been facing for years. It seems that Democrat In Name Only DINOs aren’t extinct after all.

The allegedly 50-50 split Senate has a problem because the Jurassic park caucus is circling Chuck Schumer like a pack of Velociraptors.

The Imperial Palace managed to beat the Senate Parliamentarian into submission and Chuck Schumer got the green light to stuff the Biden regime’s “infrastructure” scheme through, using the “reconciliation” process.

To do that, they need every Democrat lined up shoulder-to-shoulder in solidarity, as they were for every single vote during the Donald Trump administration. Now that they don’t have Trump to fight against, they have lost their cohesive control.

Led by West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, a defiant group of Democrat Senators have promised to stop Biden’s hallucinations in their tracks.

After Donald Trump whacked the corporate tax rate nearly in half, from 35 percent to 21 percent, Biden wants to crank it back up to a whopping 28 percent. Economists say that won’t generate more revenue because the tax paying corporations will head to friendlier countries, like they did under Barack Obama.

Not the only one

On Monday, Senator Manchin warned that “the Biden administration’s massive infrastructure package can’t pass in its current form.” He thinks it can be changed to make it work though. “As the bill exists today, it needs to be changed.” He’s not the only Democrat who isn’t drinking the Kool-Aid and Manchin knows it.

He will use the “leverage” he has to “demand changes before voting to take up the bill,” the Senator promises. Weeks or even months of negotiations are expected before it will finally make it to the Senate floor for final debate.

Now is not the time to monkey with drastically raising tax rates, the rebel Democrat warns. Especially not while the economy remains crippled by lockdowns ordered by overcautious liberal governors. The purpose of the scheme is to raise cash for the Green New Deal.

The only problem is that they won’t be able to fund their wish list with wishes. Manchin warns that “there is no guarantee” the bill will produce the cash because “many corporations would move out of the country.” That means less tax revenue, not more.

Everyone is accusing Joe Biden of dipping into Hunter’s crack stash with his brilliant idea of hiking corporate taxes from 21% to 28%. It sounds good until you factor in that when Trump lowered the rate to 21, “he unleashed the economy and the country saw the unemployment rate hit new lows.”

Biden allegedly has “soul” but he refuses to acknowledge that Trump’s low tax rates led to the lowest unemployment rate for Blacks since Lincoln abolished slavery. Today, the Imperial Democrat wants Blacks back on the plantation. Those rumors of a Klan sheet hanging in his closet from the days of his youth might just be true.

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