Expert Warns Biden Has Launched ‘Four-Prong Attack Against’ Second Amendment

The Biden-Harris regime is embarking on a terrifying attack to strip Americans of the Second Amendment at the federal level through what founder of the Second Amendment Foundation Alan Gottlieb calls “a four-prong attack”. Just as troubling, state level progressive socialists (for example in Illinois) are working hard to not only “defund the police” but to strip them of qualified immunity which makes them vulnerable to frivolous lawsuits paralyzing officers with the fear of losing everything from a single angry citizen and an activist judge. In concert, the Biden-Harris regime and the BLM/Antifa/DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) compromised local and state governments are steadily rendering Americans defenseless.

Mr. Gottlieb was interviewed by Cam Edwards on Cam & Co. for and shared his concerns over HR 127 proposed by Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX).

According to DailyWire, Gottlieb said,

“It’s a four-prong attack against firearms ownership in the country,” Alan Gottlieb, the founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, said in an interview this. “One is universal background check is really a universal registration system. Second is banning of assault weapons and then defining assault weapons as almost any semi-automatic firearm. Third is banning magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, you know, again, hurts people twice for self defense in our country, and then attacking the firearms industry so that any criminal that goes out and misuses a gun, the gun manufacturer can be sued for it, it’s going to put the industry out of business and nobody can buy a gun.”

A  breakdown of Biden-Harris’ Attack on the 2nd Amendment

  • Rep. Jackson Lee has introduced H.R. 127
    • Establishes federal gun registry.
    • Mandatory psych evaluations.
    • Mandatory firearms training.
    • Establishes publicly accessible database of gun owner.
    • Mandatory license requires an $800 Fee.
    • “Firearm Insurance” is required which must be renewed annually.
    • Bans all “high-capacity magazines” those that hold 10+ rounds other than tube-fed.
    • “Banning of assault weapons and defining assault weapons as almost any semi-automatic firearm”.
    • The White House said Tuesday that Biden won’t rule out using executive orders to enact stringent gun control measures. At a Whitehouse press conference reporters asked “Does the president still plan to take executive action on gun control?” “The president has a range of actions at his disposal,” Psaki replied. “He hasn’t ruled out either of those options.”
  • Repeal of the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which would make Gun-makers and sellers liable for crimes committed with firearms they create or sell.

“And that’s just what he wants legislatively,” Mr. Gottlieb said. “That’s not even what he’s talking about on executive orders. There’s a lot more of those coming to and appearing, some might be coming down the pike pretty soon.” Find the full interview with Alan Gottlieb from Townhall Media & Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co. below.

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