RINOs Begin to Form Human Centipede as They Kneel Before Their Democrat Gods

RINOs Begin to Form Human Centipede as They Kneel Before Their Democrat Gods

Yet another one of the spineless RINOs in the Senate has bowed to their Democrat overlords, announcing her intention to support the left’s insane “January 6th commission.”

Following in the footsteps of her fellow RINOs, Representative Liz Cheney and Senator Mitt Romney, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski told reporters that she will be supporting the Democrats’ legislation to form a commission on the January 6th Capitol riot.

“I’m going to support it,” Murkowski said, according to The Hill.


The notion that this commission is going to be anything but a Democrat power grab is ridiculous.

News outlet Red State puts it best: This commission “will serve as nothing more than a partisan battering ram for the Democrat Party going into 2022…

The commission is set up in a way where Democrats would choose the investigators, essentially making it the Mueller investigation — part two. One of the cardinal sins a GOP politician can make is purposely playing into the hands of the left, and Romney and Cheney are chomping at the bit to do so.”

The Democrats and establishment RINOs are so transparent, yet their supporters don’t see it.

They care more about a relatively small group of people entering their precious Capitol building and causing some damage than they do about the year-long terrorist attacks on average Americans and their small businesses.

They don’t care that people’s businesses were destroyed, and many lost their livelihoods. You aren’t allowed to protect yourself from rioters, but they are allowed to erect barriers to protect themselves.

They defund your police, while increasing police and military presence in Washington, D.C. Now, they are trying to create an entire 9/11-style commission that will likely end with them curtailing our rights further, while they completely ignore the violence happening every day in our cities.

Yet, spineless RINOs like Cheney, Romney, and Murkowski continue to support the Democrats while turning against their own voter base. This has to stop. These RINOs must face serious primary challenges.

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