Texas Ranger Reveals Shocking Trick Used to Derail Attorney!

The fourth day of the impeachment trial of suspended Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton saw some shocking revelations. A key witness for the prosecution fired Texas Ranger David Maxwell, admitted under oath that he pretended not to hear questions asked by Paxton’s attorney during his cross-examination to throw him off.

Dan Cogdell, a criminal defense attorney from Houston, was questioning Maxwell on Friday afternoon when it became apparent that something was amiss. Cogdell had known Maxwell since 1993 and referred to him as a “Texas Ranger hall of famer” whom he had great respect for. After working with the Texas Department of Public Safety for nearly 40 years, Maxwell led the law enforcement division at the Office of the Attorney General under Paxton.

The Texas Ranger was fired in November 2020 for insubordination and later sued for wrongful termination. Some of his discussions with the House General Investigating Committee were used in four articles of impeachment against Paxton which include bribery, abuse of public trust, and being unfit for office among other charges.

Cogdell pointed out that Maxwell had a hearing aid so he could speak louder into his microphone but when asked questions by other attorneys, Maxwell did not appear to have any hearing problems. Cogdell then asked why he couldn’t hear his questions and after a pause and smile from Maxwell, he admitted that pretending not to hear would throw off an attorney.

This admission came as quite a surprise considering how highly respected Maxwell is in law enforcement circles throughout Texas and beyond. It’s clear that this will be an important piece in understanding what happened during this trial as well as figuring out whether there is any truth behind these allegations against Ken Paxton or if they are simply unfounded accusations against him due to political motivations.

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