Vile Evil Democrats Begin Taking Pop Shots Over Tornado Tragedy

What is more vile, evil, and disgusting than taking a tragedy that has cost lives, annihilated families, and devastated entire communities and repurposing the emotional impact to forward your own political goals? Doing it before the bodies are even cold. The politicization of absolutely every crisis no matter how tragic and heart-rending has become the order of the day in the United States, hasn’t it? There has been no more egregious example than that which has followed the punishing string of tornadoes that cut a swath of death and destruction across the Midwest and South shattering buildings and snuffing out lives from Illinois to Kentucky, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

Perhaps most infuriating are the two leftist reactions widely found across Twitter and public statements from prominent figures tweeting pleasantries and calls for unity and then pivoting seamlessly to forwarding their chosen message. We’ve seen this tactic used to target political opponents for criticism and weaponizing the disaster.

Tragedy As The Democrats Political Weapon

You need look no further than Congressman Eric Swalwell’s (D-CA) Twitter response to the unbelievably tragic storms and tornadoes that carved a path of destruction through the midwest in the early days of Decemeber. Swalwell shamelessly posted “We should do all we can to help our Kentucky neighbors. God be with them — they are hurting. But do not for one second forget that @RandPaul has voted against helping most Americans most times they’re in need.”


The Atlantic’s Jemele Hill followed suit,

“We know @RandPaul is a heartless hypocrite. The people in Kentucky deserve the relief regardless of their buffoonish leadership, but if the Dems don’t use this against him and his party in the future, it is a missed opportunity.”

We’ve also seen in speech and social media posts many use the tragedy to forward disjointed and unrelated arguments relative to so-called anthropogenic climate change or Biden’s Build Back Better partisan wish list.

Biden told the Press: “Well, all that I know is that the intensity of the weather across the board has some impact as a consequence of the warming of the planet and the climate change.”

“The specific impact on these specific storms, I can’t say at this point.  I’m going to be asking the EPA and others to take a look at that.  But the fact is that we all know everything is more intense when the climate is warming — everything.  And, obviously, it has some impact here, but I can’t give you a — a quantitative read on that.“

It’s truly disgusting that the left has descended to so undignified and so callous a state, that the bodies are still warm when a politician or talking head has already appropriated their death to forward an ideological cause. How truly shameful and repugnant they’ve become. They hoist the corpses of those tragically lost up as banners to carry into our culture war, with every storm, every shooting every bombing, every riot.

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