What Are You Willing to Pay for Freedom?

The stories of our grandfathers or great grandfathers who fought in World War Two have in recent years failed to impact us as they had previous generations. The feats performed amidst the horrors of war to secure freedom for all peoples have faded from truth to story. In worst cases, they haven’t been remembered at all.

This new generation has grown up with relative ease. Their freedoms have been slowly taken by politicians in the guise of protection rather than the result of dictators and war.


Yet, now we are faced with the truth of human bravery amidst the real and devastating effects that war brings with it. The examples of courage are no longer stories, but real life. Now as a soft generation watches in real-time true heroism in action.

They are faced with real questions to be asked of others, and of themselves: What would I be willing to sacrifice for freedom?

The True Cost of Freedom

The word freedom is thrown around so often in American culture, that some may not understand the scope and cost of such a sentiment. However, some understand that freedom comes with a great cost, and at times personal sacrifice.

Vitaly Skakun Volodymyrovych a Ukrainian soldier paid that price to secure the freedom of his country. In an amazing act of heroism, the young soldier made sure that Russian forces would not have an easy time entering his beloved homeland.

In an unselfish act, Volodymyrovych blew up one of the main bridges entering the country. In doing so he sacrificed his own life for his cause.

Ukraine’s general staff said in a statement about the young man’s bravery, “The bridge was mined, but he didn’t manage to get away from there. According to his brothers in arms, Vitaly got in touch [with them] and said he was going to blow up the bridge. Immediately after an explosion rang out.”

Videos have reportedly come out of the blast, and Volodymyrovych is a hero to his brothers in arms. He asked himself what he would be willing to sacrifice and his answer remains clear. Freedom comes at a price, are you willing to pay it?



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