U.S House Of Reps Does Its Best to Continue Making America Believe Their Lies with 1.9 Billion Dollars

Without missing a beat, the same Democrats who have been screaming to Defund The Police, demand Open Borders and seek to strip Americans of our Second Amendment Rights have just pushed through $1.9 Billion to upgrade Capitol Security. Let that marinade for a second. A government that not only shows a blunt disinterest in your security and protection is angrily desperate to spend almost $2 Billion protecting themselves from who?

$1.9 Billion To Protect The Government… From You

By their own admission, the entire genesis of this bill was the January 6th Capitol breach, when a few thousand Americans angry that their voices were being WILLFULLY ignored stormed the Capitol complex demanding that an election which 60% of Republicans believe was fraudulent be halted to allow for investigations to proceed so that Joe Biden could not illegally take power.

These people weren’t just denied, they were tossed out of the courtrooms and denied hearings from their state legislatures. EVERY legal avenue was not exhausted as they mainstream media likes to convey, but DENIED to them.


The vast majority of legal challenges were never heard, dismissed summarily instead for latches or standing or other procedural issues, and multiple Governors refused to call their legislatures into session. Finally even the Supreme Court of the United States REFUSED to hear their case, this ultimately was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The leftists want more security, what the government needs isn’t to be safely separated from the people but instead to be held ACCOUNTABLE to the people.

If the court cases had been allowed to move forward to full trials and rulings after ALL evidence and testimony were publicly considered, if State legislatures were immediately called into emergency sessions as the people demanded, if SCOTUS would’ve heard the case of Texas v. Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan & Wisconsin, it is extremely likely that January 6th or an event like it would never have occurred.

Biden Might’ve Still Won Too — The Difference Is: Americans Might Be More Willing To Believe It

Now, let’s not get it twisted. The idea that Joe Biden actually won an election that he generally didn’t campaign in, by the largest voter turn-out in American history against an incumbent who received more votes than any other incumbent in history doesn’t just strain believability, it shatters it.

However, what the Supreme Court Case of Bush v. Gore teaches us is that the American people, (and Republicans particularly) are willing to accept a legal or electoral loss if care is taken that the people’s concerns are heard.

The central controversy, never minding the voluminous reports of altered reports, multiple duplicate ballot scans, voting machines connected to the Internet, fake ballots and ballot stuffing, was that at least four states: Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania unconstitutionally altered the manner in which their elections were conducted without the assent of their state legislatures.

This has never been adjudicated and if this was found to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court (which it all-but-certainly would be) without those four states Biden would’ve lost the election, plain and simple. In a FULL-BLOWN-CONSTITUTIONAL-CRISIS where the Supreme Court was Constitutionally bound to adjudicate, they refused to. It was in this moment that many Americans who breached the Capitol that day (and many, millions more who didn’t) came to the conclusion that the Government of the United States had ceased to be legitimate. That’s why they must make Americans believe their lie.

Crisis of Legitimacy– Protecting The Lies Is Critical

Every single lie that strips legitimacy away from President Trump, Republicans and the people who committed the Capitol Breach is critical to the survival of the Biden-Harris regime. Dismantling these lies present an existential threat to the left.

Consider: there is pretty much no way for the Biden Administration to improve their legitimacy, the view of a sufficient number of Americans that they legally came to power, as long as they can keep that at least CLOSE to half of the electorate then they can survive.

In order to accomplish this, they cannot allow anything to threaten the lies about their opponents that devalues anything they say no matter how true it may be. A few examples of the Lies are:

In reality the “Big Lie” is that “The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history.” and by extension that Joe Biden was constitutionally elected President. A lie so massive, that dozens of smaller lies targeting the opposition are required to balance it, they will defend those lies to the hilt, to the bitter end. The will never admit or accept the truth. But they will spend $1.9 Billion taxpayer dollars to make themselves feel nice and safe… from their own people.


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